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    War is brewing amongst the orders, and the Sisterhood has lost its infamous protector to the dark witch.  Tough decisions are on the horizon for Natalie, the renowned teen leader who saved the Sisterhood, and is expected by some to do so again.  The council, however, bears no respect for Natalie’s opinion in choosing a side, or declaring independence: a state that requires more than she is willing to sacrifice.

   Meanwhile, old flames and foes vie for Natalie’s attention as she expresses desires to leave the Order altogether.  Natalie will need all that she has learned, her natural talents, and more, including new gifts of light bequeathed to her by her mentor. But all will be for naught if she cannot learn to materialize her powers in time.  Will she move on from her sisters in what will be seen as an act of betrayal, or will she stay and fight?

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