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     The Coalition has collapsed, Orders have disbanded, and the powered are on the verge of extinction.  Time is running out for the Order of the Sisterhood as unrest and uncertainty arise on the last few days of their one-year protective order.  Evil and chaos equally await in the shadows in the yearning of two sisters, bent on anger and revenge.

     Meanwhile, armies of non-powered people gather on both sides, prepared to decide the fate of the realms, waiting for a champion of worth to lead them.  And what of the rumors of a new power, the one prepared to embrace that of the Realm of Black?  Can the defenders of the Scarlet Realm finalize Natalie's last act of courage without her leadership or power?  Will a new guardian take her place?  Or will the Reign of Black, with all its horrors, return as foretold?

Vintage inscription made by old typewrit
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