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Why the color scarlet?


Scarlet is the color symbolizing purity and power.  Religions have used this color throughout history as a reminder that they are the representatives of good will.  Even to this day, scarlet is worn by Cardinals, as it was back when the church used its influence during the dark ages.  Which brings us to why the opposite of the Scarlet Reign is the Reign of Black – it is a reference to the “dark” ages (and also to society’s common reference to “black magic”).  This was a time when mankind suffered deeply, and when the Church stepped up to combat this suffering, while displaying the color scarlet.  (This book is not religious, but if you are an enthusiast, you may note the parallels to a biblical story in the first chapter)


This is why the name is so integral to the four books.  The series explains that there are realms that oversee how power can be used to magnify the use of good or dark powers.  I think of the magnetic poles of the earth.  The polarity has changed over long periods of time, and effects everything we know when it does.  Similarly, the forces of good and evil are also considered to be invisible, reversible, and definitely will have an effect on one’s magic for the purposes of The Realm.  Should the realms shift, people who use dark magic will gain a significant advantage.  This advantage would be compounded by the fact that dark magic is already stronger than scarlet magic.  The downside of dark magic is that it is uncontrollable; or rather it controls you, you do not control it.  This makes its users erratic and unstable.


Since the dawn of time and deep into the dark ages, man was plagued by dark powers where death, famine, and disease engulfed the lands. It was then that a band of heroines, undeterred by the all-powerful and oppressive regime, successfully united against the odds to challenge the reign of black. Thus commenced the reign of scarlet and the awakening of good.

At times, those with strong connections to evil have tried and failed to resume their reign, but prophesies tell that their era is imminent—their power will be unmatched and society, as we know it, will collapse.  And it is inevitable, unless a new band of sisters finds the courage to renew the Scarlet Reign.

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